3 months old baby

Question: PCV 2nd dose vaccine has been delayed due to lockdown is it fine? If yes, How long it can be delayed? Please advice.

2 Answers
Answer: You can delay your babies vaccination by 20 days so please don't worry just consult your doctor after 20 days and 2 according to his suggestion
Answer: Hi dear.. vaccination can be delayed for 2-3 weeks dear....so don't worry dear... just keep your pediatrician posted about this delay dear...
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Question: My baby is not vaccinated for 1.5 month due to corona lockdown? Is it ok to delay for such a long time? If yes how long can be delayed?
Answer: Me too want answer this question em also worried about it ???
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Question: Fir how long can vaccine of 1.5 mnth old baby be delayed?
Answer: Dear you should wait until dissenters open and then go for the vaccination don't worry it is two or three weeks late
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Question: Is it ok if I delay the 2nd month vaccine to my 45 days old baby?? If so how long can I delay the vaccine since I cannot go out in current situation(Corona outbreak).. pls help
Answer: Nothing to worry about it.. u can give the missed vaccination later.
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