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Question: Past two months i got my period earlier than it actually occur.. and I felt bleeding is one day only after one day its like white discharge in the color of periods.. now i am in 20th day from my last period was started. Today i take home test, its negative.. and i feel too sleepy all of the day. What it means?

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Answer: Hi! Its normal, few days plus minus in period is not considered to be anything serious. It doesnt even create any issue in pregnancy. The sleepy feel is may b due to tiredness and fatigue, take ample rest , good food and lots of water, you will feel better. Good luck!
Answer: Is test kit give wrong result?
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Question: I have severe abdominal pain since one week after that bleeding occur for one day( on my normal period) followed by light brown color secretion occur for two days ,is it i m pregnancy??? I have only dizziness
Answer: U can check if ur pregnant or not by home pregnancy test kit.. If it comes positive then consult doctor.
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Question: Doctor, I want to know that is two lines in pregnancy test tube comes in which one is fainted than what does it means...there were two lines at the time of checkup but one was little fainted..nd next day my periods came..what does it mean..because after seeing that two lines I started hoping that m pregnant. Kindly answer me.Thank you
Answer: I took 3 pregnancy test to be sure. All three came out positive but later ones had a fainted line. Pregnancy kits are based on hCG levels which is low at early stage of pregnancy. It's recommended to take the test in morning as hCG levels are at peak. Bleeding might be a sign of implantation or an early miscarriage. So you should consult with a gynaecologist to be absolutely sure.
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Question: I am in confusion. Because i have regular periods. But past two months its 7,10days earlier. And from my last perios i feel so tired and always sleepy. Me and my surroundings feel is that my belly is little bit bigger than previous. Today is my 20th day. I took home test but the result is negative. I dono what is it? Can u clear that?
Answer: Doing a home pregnancy test with the kit will give you accurate results after 10 days Yu miss ur periods. Testing on 20th day will not give Yu correct result. If Yu are pregnant ur belly will start becoming large only after 3 months and not now. Kindly wait till ur expected periods date. If Yu don't get periods by tat time then do the test 10 days later. All the best !!
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