6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: papaya kha sakte h mam

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Answer: Hi dear plz papaya avoid kare khana kyonki usshe aapko miscarriage hi sakta hai. Avoid kare pine apple grapes and papaya khana.
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Question: 38 week m papaya kha sakte h
Answer: कच्चा पपीता लेटेक्स नामक तत्व से भरपूर होता है। यदि आप काफी सारा कच्चा पपीता खाएं, तो लेटेक्स गर्भाशयी संकुचन शुरु कर सकता है। आपको शायद एक दिन में कच्चे पपीते की करीब तीन बड़ी सर्विंग खानी होंगी, तभी आपको पर्याप्त लेटेक्स मिल सकेगा, जो कि संकुचन शुरु कर सके।
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Question: 9 month me papaya kha sakte h
Answer: Ripe papaya kha sakte hai thoda sa. Zyada mat khaiye. Better to avoid eating papaya
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Question: Pregnancy mai jamun,papaya,pineapple kha sakte h kya?
Answer: Hello... It is safe to eat jamun during pregnancy, but have it in moderation, it is also known as Indian blackberry, because of its antioxidant properties,it also regulates blood sugar ,also promote good bone health,it has lot of fibre which gets you relive from constipation,it can be an best snack option when you opt for healthy snacks carving during pregnancy . Pineapple is safe ,healthy choice during pregnancy,but some one may told you that it causes early miscarriage or induced labour,there is no scientific evidence to prove that this fruit cause,early miscarriage,but have it in moderation,it helps to ripen the cervix,and helps in labour
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Question: 6th month pregnancy wale papaya kha sakte h kya??
Answer: Hello dear! No, better to avoid eating papaya at this stage.During later months of gestation, it may induce early labor. Papain enzyme in papaya latex activates the hormones like prostaglandin and oxytocin that are known to initiate labor contractions. Infact, it is given to pregnant women to start labor at the later stages of pregnancy.
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