2 months old baby

Panoreas normal size and echoarchitecture.No focal lesion seen.No obvious retroperitoneal mass io seen Aorta-IVC reveal uo obvious abnortiality.Both Ridaeys - nusmal size, shage and show good cortico-urdullaty differentiation.hyuronephcosis or caleuli aeen.Both a hrosis or caleni see.Both adremal glands ure relatively large in size.Urinary Bladder well distended;no UV junction/ vesical calcalus / mass scen.Residue (mcconieum) luaded rectum-descending colon are seen.Small vagina and uterus, deviated to right are seen.No genads could be visualized No ohvious bowel thickening or dilation or umass is seen.Peritoneal Fluid - free or loculated is absent.Pleural Effusion- absent.IMPRESSI to rigtht.Gonads could rut be visualized.Will need further twark up andl follow up with ON USG abdomen and peltis shows structures s/o small vagina and uterus, deviated deuslepment No upper abdominal significant abnormaity is seen .....this is report of my brother baby plz tell me

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