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Question: OS os closed means?

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Answer: Dear the cervix or os is the opening to the womb. It's located between the vagina and the uterus and plays a crucial role in pregnancy and labor. During pregnancy, it remains closed and the opening is blocked with a mucus plug.
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Question: OS closed means??
Answer: Hi Os closed means the uterus opening is closed.Since it is already 40 weeks by when your cervix should have softened but it hasnt your doctor may want to induce labor and in some cases it could also mean a c section will be required.
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Question: Internal os closed means
Answer: Hello Internal os closed means your cervix is closed and not dilated. Wch is the case for normally. This remains closed until end of your term. For some women it may open by 35 weeks
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Question: Internal OS closed means?
Answer: Hi dear, internal os is the internal opening of cervix & it should remain close till 36 weeks of pregnancy to avoid preterm delivery. Hope it helps.
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