37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Os close means..plz ans .

Answer: Hello dear It means that ur cervix is not at all dilated means cervix is closed. Don't worry as u are having three more weeks for delivery.
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Question: OS os closed means?
Answer: Dear the cervix or os is the opening to the womb. It's located between the vagina and the uterus and plays a crucial role in pregnancy and labor. During pregnancy, it remains closed and the opening is blocked with a mucus plug.
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Question: plz,ans me cephalic means
Answer: Hello dear Cephalic presentatio means your baby is at head down position, head towards your pelvis and buttocks towards your chest. Its a most suitable position for normal delivery of the. baby.
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Question: Hi am 19weeks pregnant with what mean by os close
Answer: Hello dear, Internal OS should close in pregnancy. It means normal Don't worry... Its the upper end of the cervix that opens into the uterus. The external os is the end of the cervix that opens into the vagina. So normal to be closed until youre term. Hope it helped Take care urself....
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