Few days old baby

Question: One year baby suffering loose motion &vomiting. I think may be breast feeding is problem bcz daily she drink only one time.then i gave or not gave feeding now.

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Answer: An upset tummy with vomits and frequent bowel movements can be a stressful experience for your little one. Here are some home remedies that you can employ for faster cure and recovery. 1.Breast Feeding Keep your child hydrated by giving her regular breastfeeding sessions, Avoid giving formula milk or cow’s milk during this time as it may aggravate the situation further. 2. Change to soy based formula milk powder If your child is taking formula powder then shift to soy based formula.It not only helps in fast recovery from loose motions, but also works as a healthy alternative in case your baby is lactose-intolerant. 3. Gripe Water Gripe water is an effective remedy for diarrhea in babies. Gripe water gives relief to the stomach and helps in curing loose motions. However, it is best you give small dosage of gripe water (about one teaspoon) to your baby two-three times a day. 4. Curd and Buttermilk It’s not recommended to children below 4 months but if your child is able to sit and started consuming semi-solids then give some curd and buttermilk. Curd is a natural probiotic that helps in curing stomach related issues.
Answer: Y do u think its because of only bm Can you tell exactly
Answer: Pata nai yaar,apne doctor se puchlo