20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: One thing is that my weight is 89 kg so can i lose my weight in pregnancy

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Question: My weight is 60kg. I want to lose my weight before pregnancy. How to lose weight?
Answer: Hi dear, What is your height? I wanted to know if you are really obese .only your body mass index could tell that.for that we need you height and weight ratio.anythong above 24 is considered obese.how much weight you need to reduce could be determined only through BMI.nonmatter what,healthy weight means healthy diet with exercises.avoid sugar in what ever form.eat lit of fibre and less carbs.rather eat complex carbs like oats,quinoa,brown rice,whole wheat etc.eat lot of lean protein which helps in burning calories by building muscles.take plenty of water to increase your metabolism.avoid junk food.no oily deep fried stuff,avoid all packed and tinned food.take less sodium.also include regular exercises.
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Question: Hi My weight is 75 i want to lose my weight in one month atlest 15 kg please suggest me diet chart
Answer: Hello ma'am There are many ways to reduce weight but which is natural and safe for health thats good to use it. Ma'am start your day with a glass of warm water mixed with honey and lemon juice Do 5 Suria namaskar if you dont have time than just 40 min brisk walk every day is very usefull Skipping with start of 20 count will help. The most important is eat proper lunch and dinner. Dont eat any snacks in between. Before you sleep there should be atleast 3 hrs gap. Try to finish dinner before 8.00pm. So just 40 min walk and 2 times food will surely help you.
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Question: I can lose my weight during pregnancy
Answer: Please do not try dieting and weight loss during pregnancy. Baby needs nutrition to grow well and healthy. Dieting during pregnancy may cause preterm labour. Do not try anything on your own always consult with your gynecologist.
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