1 weeks pregnant mother

Question: One of my ultra sound report says its a missed abortion but at the same time another ultra sound report says its all right,, now i was ask to wait for 1 week , i dont feel light pregnant, no pregnancy symptoms at all, it difficult to wait 1week, what to do?

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Answer: Hi dear, You have no other option now but to wait.only when the beta hcg hormones doubles in 2-3 days you can be assured that the pregnancy is viable.waiting for one week would only gaurentee the success of the pregnancy.so please wait.
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Question: My ultra sound report is missed abortion... Its my second missed abortion.. Now after how many should I try for nxt pregnancy?
Answer: After 3 months. Till that time eat only healthy food, no fast food, no street food. Moreover a month before planning again visit doctor she may suggest some medicines to prevent abortion again. And visit doctor as soon as you conceive to immediately get some medicines to support your pregnancy.
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Question: My wife met with a missed abortion. I really want to know what was the cause. There was no symptoms
Answer: Actually the causes cannot be pinpointed. But sometimes it will happen if the uterus is weak or if it's unhealthy baby
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Question: Today i had my ultra sound scan.it says no foetal pole present.its my 9th week.what i have to do?. It needs abortion??
Answer: It's very sad to inform that no fetal pole means theres no gestational sac or embryonic sac developed inside Ur womb that can hold the baby,it denotes a miscarriage has occurred,plz be strong dear, u will soon be blessed with a beautiful child
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Question: I am at 8week and my ultrasound report says no cardic activity i took another but result is same what should i do please help me
Answer: Consult with gynecologist she may advice to repeat scan after one week but if there won't be cardiac activity unfortunately DNC required.
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