1 weeks pregnant mother

One of my ultra sound report says its a missed abortion but at the same time another ultra sound report says its all right,, now i was ask to wait for 1 week , i dont feel light pregnant, no pregnancy symptoms at all, it difficult to wait 1week, what to do?

Hi dear, You have no other option now but to wait.only when the beta hcg hormones doubles in 2-3 days you can be assured that the pregnancy is viable.waiting for one week would only gaurentee the success of the pregnancy.so please wait.
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Question: I did ultra sound at 9 week but report says baby is 8 week 3 days old.... IS it risky to have development delayed by 1 week
Answer: Hello dear.... Firstly there is no development delay of 1 week.... Secondly there is generally gap of few days come between manual calculation of week and ultrasound report. There is no risk to baby..
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Question: Hello dear... Iam in my 6th weak, i had symptoms like breast tenderness and slight dizzy in 5th week for 2 days and its been like 1 week i dont have anything now... No symptoms at all... Is it normal
Answer: Yes dear it is completely normal. Don't worry. No morning sickness means your baby is adjusting with your body harmonal changes.Every women takes to pregnancy different, some women have every symptom and some lucky girls have no symptoms. Enjoy your time that you feel good, it could change at any minute. If you have doubt, you can consult your doctor also. Hope it helped ,Take care urself...
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Question: My last period date was 5.07.18..yesterday my urine test was positive..one pink color was deep and another was light comaparable to another..but it exists.my doctor says that 6 weeks are running..but today at usg there is no existance of fetus..is it possible?or am i really pregnant?
Answer: The preg tests are usually correct. Did you have heavy brownish discharge recently? In that case please consult your doctor immediately. If any complications she might prescribe medicines.
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