2 months old baby

Question: One of my baby eyes is watering and sticky. Yellow dirt is coming out from his eyes and my baby is 2 months old

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Answer: Your baby has sticky eye, the tear ducts are blocked. Gently massaging the areas near the eyes and nose may help in opening the blocked ducts. You can also use eye drops (antibiotic) to prevent infection after consulting with doctor
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Question: My baby is 12 days old.. His both eyes is getting too sticky.. Excessive dirt is coming from his eyes.. Please may I know the reason & cure...??
Answer: hi dear it is normal for a few weeks baby to have this kind of eye problem it can be due to the excessive heat. Wipe the babies eyes with white cloth at regular intervals it will reduce the stickiness of eyes but if it is still continuing it is good to consult doctor and get proper medication. take care dear
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Question: My 2 months old baby one of his eyes were watering and having eye ushulu
Answer: No need to worry dear...This is common in small babies....keep a clean cloth cloth wid u to clean d water......dere r simple exercises for it...like apply light pressure wid ur finger on d side of ur baby's nose from top to bottom....u vil c d difference vry soon
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Question: Hii.. my baby boy is 15 days old for today, his eyes r always watering and some pale yellow sticky stuff coming out from his eyes. It looks bad on him and irritating him. What to do? Pls help
Answer: Take luke warm water dip cotton n put on his eyes. Do it 3 times a day
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