1 months old baby

Question: One more query for me comparing to the left brest the milk is not secreting from right i am very much worried is this make any problem how to get rid from this pls help

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Answer: Hi dear yes it is a little bit problem if milk is not coming out from one of your breast as it can create milk duct in your breast and later on you can get a severe hurt and pain. so better you can do somehot compress to let that milk come out . you can also give a good massage for 5 times a day to the breast where milk is not coming out . that will comfort your muscles and make your milk come out.
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Question: How to increase the breast milk one side nipple get more milk on the other side it will be producing less milk comparing to othe
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,this used to happen with me too.but it got sorted in few weeks.its just that you would need to feed from the other breast quite often to trigger milk flow.donot worry,your body is still new to this and would take some time to settle.
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Question: My left breast is is much more bigger than right one which looks very bad. Is there any solution to reduce the breast size. Please help
Answer: Are you feeding from.this breast more often than the smaller one?? If yes, it should not be done unless in some special medical cases when you have some problem with either of the breasts. Feed from one breast at a time. Switch to another the next time. Keep alternating. Try remembering or put some marking the breast to remind you which you need to feed from.next. do this for a month and see the results. If doesn't help, try feeding from both the breasts everyone you feed. Half from.one half from other. For 2-3daysyou can also try to feed more from the smaller breast but don't continue this for more than 3 days else you may start facing other issues. When you do this, try keeping the bigger breast empty by hand expression only.
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Question: in right side breast milk flow is very low comparing with left side. wat to do
Answer: Hi,in this case to in reader the flow of milk you should always try to feed first from the right side as the more you will feed the more you will get the feed
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