29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: On 28th week of pregnancy my feral weight is 1375 gm... is it Ok?

3 Answers
Answer: Hi dear, average weight gain at this week is somewhere around 1005 gram. So ur lil one's weight is good
Answer: No I think it's low
Answer: It is gud
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Question: On 28th week 1days foetal weight is 1375 +- 201. What does it mean??
Answer: Hi. Its your baby weight 1375gm. +/- 201 means baby can be 200gm also can be 200 gm leass than 1375. As ideal weight of baby at 28 week should br 1 kg. So need not to be worried.
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Question: My weight is 75.5 kgs in 28th week of pregnancy, is it ok?
Answer: Hi dear weight analysis depends on ur BMI. If ur BMI is fine and in-between 18 to 25 then u r perfect. So check it and take care of ur diet. Keep it healthy and fresh
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Question: My amniotic fluid level is 19 n it's my 28th week of pregnancy... is it Ok??
Answer: Its on border line of polyhydromnios. 8-20cm of fluid is considered normal. So you should consult your doctor.
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