1 months old baby

Question: On 27th my baby's vaccination is there. On 28th we are thinking to arrange for naming ceremony. Is it ok if we give vaccination on 29 or 30th instead of 27th?

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Answer: Yes definitely. Vaccine date can be postponed but not preponed. Meaning if the vaccine date is 27th, you can have it done on or after 27th but not before that. Up to 1 week delay is ok.
Answer: He might get ferve after vaccination. And there will be pain in his leg on the place of vaccination. So plz avoid vaccination. U can go for it after the function.
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Question: Hi. My doctor had put pentavalent vaccination injection on butt instead of thigh. Is it ok?
Answer: Hi Dear! Yes dear its okay no problem if its given on buttock instead of thigh, the reason fr thigh or buttock is muscle mass, whever thr is a big muscle with a lot mass Dr.s prefer to inject thr so that the deposition is good of the medicine.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hii...my baby vaccine on 27th if this mnth,but some reasons we delay for two days 30th it will be do...is it k r any prblm???
Answer: Hi, don't worry there is no problem in delaying the vaccine by two days. When the child had cold and cough also the Dr suggest to wait for the vaccination. So there is absolutely no problem. But just make sure you don't miss the vaccine dear.
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Question: Hello on this s Jan 24 my baby girl has her vaccination of 2 and half month ....since we have kept her naming ceremony on 27 can I postpone the vaccination to Jan 31
Answer: Yes! You can Postpone upto a week!! Even if the baby is ill or sick for any reason, Dr will postpone the vaccination to be done till baby becomes normal n healthy. No worries.. Njoy your ceremony & tc of ur baby
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