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Question: On 28 I should have my period till now I don't get ND my hcg test is negative wat I should do

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Answer: Hi dear first get ur blood check up done to confirm ur pregnancy.  it could be happening due to eating disorder , uncontrolled diabetes, it could happen  due to excessive exercise started recently, stress can affect the harmonal balancing, sleeping schedule has changed , or u may be suffering from PCOD. So it's really better to consult doctor. 
Answer: Dear you need to consult gynae if it has been more than 15 days since you have been missing your periods and the pregnancy test or beta hcg test is negative. Visit the gynae to understand the cause of delay in periods if it is not pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi mam , I got my periods on Feb 19th till now I did not get my periods. But my legs are paining what should I do
Answer: Hi, please check pregnancy test once.if it shows positive start taking folic acid tablet once daily to prevent baby neural tube defects.drink plenty of fluids.avoid excess spices and salts.take proper rest and have healthy diet.better to avoid intercourse, travelling and lifting heavy weights.better to get early pregnancy scan at 6-7 weeks.all the best
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Question: I got period on 15 march till now no period i get .. i test pregnancy test with kid its show one line ..that means negatives .. what should can i do to get pregnant
Answer: Dear missed period s a first symptom of pregnancy so tomorrow s ur period date if ur period missed tomorrow then after 8 to 10 days of missed period do pregnancy test then only u ll get exact resukt try it dear best of luck
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Question: I'm 20 week pragnet mother till now I don't feel baby movement wat to do
Answer: Hi dear, Baby movements inside the uterus called quickening. You will be able to feel as kicking, gas bubbles, flicking, tickling movements. If it is your 1st pregnancy you will able to feel Movements between 18-24 weeks, sometimes later also.So not to please wait till 24 weeks even if you will not able to feel after 24 weeks please visit doctor once.take care
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