Few days old baby

Question: on 28 February I got c section I discharged on 3 march still im getting pain on stiches and abdomen I cant sit comfortably and while sitting and standing im getting pain please suggest for pain relief

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Answer: Start by taking short walks and build up to 30 minutes after you’ve been home for a few days. Walking will increase circulation, which will reduce your risk for blood clots, help with bowel function and increase your body’s ability to heal. Nutrition is also very important for healing. Focus on eating foods that are anti-inflammatory and have vitamin C, like berries, kale and broccoli. Vitamin C supports the production of collagen, a protein that helps repair tissues. Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids like nuts and seeds are also anti-inflammatory.
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Question: Hi I had c section delivery and got discharged. Can I fold my legs while sleeping? And can I sit cross legged on bed to feed baby?
Answer: If u r comfortable then u can fold ur legs while sleeping Example : on sides n leg folded Do not sleep on stomach But most importantly try to fold legs post removing stiches Yes u can fold legs n feed ur baby ( Mandi ghalun / althi palthi dalke) Irrespective stiches removed or not Ensure u softly n slowly fold ur legs n sit Do not sit on floor till stiches are removed Ask doctor for more clarification
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Question: I had c section on march 1 2020, still i am having mild pain around my abdomen and it pains in the pelvic area while i am lying by side on night.how long does it take the pain to subside. I am having knee joint pain while getting up and all.
Answer: Dear c-section is a major surgery so it can take a many month to cure properly. just make sure you are having enough nutritious diet there should be lots of protein and calcium in your diet have the also have Soya Chunk in your diet. also please take a proper rest and have your supplements daily without forgetting.
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Question: I hv c- section and stiches also cure outside but still while stretching body l have pain in stomach
Answer: It is normal dear, it get cured automatically after some time,, if u have more pain then consult wid your gynac
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