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Question: On 16th day my left ovary size was 19.1

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Answer: Hi dear every 28 day or as per your period cycle there is one which your egg which gets released from the ovary and that is called ovulation now at the time of ovulation or the indication of a mature egg can be 22 to 24 centimetre but if it was 19.1 it was not sufficient enough to rupture .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Iam 7th week left ovary was is well . size of ovary is any harm ful to my baby.
Answer: Hi dear, It happens due to ovarian cyst or torsion.they take place during to hypersalivation of ovaries.they come back to their original size by s condition it won't effect your baby.
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Question: My follicle size on day 14 was 14*10..on dat 16 also it was d same doc had askd me to tak inj hcg 5000units im....will o conceive dis worried??..always wen its frm d left ovary der shows a slower pace of follicle der any prblm with my left ovary???
Answer: Always trust your doctor your follicle size was good and it was the right time to introduce growth hormone so that will help the follicles to grow and can expect a mature egg from them there any chances of conception this time if you are planning for pregnancy and this is your second or third cycle do not worry the fertility potential of the side from both ovaries are different for an fertile and infertile women the right ovary is more of an active as well as supporting fertilization with the rate in connection which is higher than as compared to left side.
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Question: my last periods was on 16th Mar and my prior period s was on 16th Feb. when is the best day. which is the best day to conceive
Answer: 10-14 days before ur nxt period is d most fertile time to conceive
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