Question: olive oil is good for baby massage? and can we use in summer time

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Answer: Hello dear avoid olive oil as it known for its heating property and not good in summer. Use coconut oil it is good in summer.
Answer: Hii olive oil is good for winter , for summer prefer coconut oil.
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Question: Which oil is safe for baby massage, can we use Castro oil for it
Answer: No, castor oil is not at all baby's skin friendly. You can use any branded baby massage oil or olive oil or coconut oil. I used to keep my head massage with coconut oil in summer and monsoon and for only winter I used olive oil. Hope it helps.
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Question: Is almond oil ya sesame oil is good for massage for baby nd new mom after delivery in summer season?
Answer: Well I was recomended olive oil..I feel it is quite good as it is mild and suits most baby skin.
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Question: How to use olive oil to massage baby... I mean can use directly or to warm the oil and to use it can anyone suggest me
Answer: I use olive oil for my baby skin.i use it directly and it has no side effect for my baby...
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