28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Becoz of freq urinatn at night im avoiding taking fluids after evening since this was disturbing my sleep. bt then im facing very severe burning sensatn in my tummy aftr sleeping. then in midnight i drink water n again my rest of d night is spend in bathrum doing susu. is there any solutn..

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Answer: yeah it's common in pregnancy dear me too facing same but I'm waking up at night one time only so don't avoid taking liquid things u have to drink water it's very important in pregnancy just u can take milk at evening then due to milk u will not go more at night for bathroom, sleeping time taking then more urine coming so have to take it at evening I'm doing this so at night I'm waking up at one time n some times two , so follow this n c n b4 going to bed go to washroom first then go to bed