12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Nw my 11 weeks r strting...bt nw i hv new problem...my white dischrge is strting and also itching my privat parts...i feel vry unesy...plz tell me sme advice for this...

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Answer: Hi, if the discharge is creamy and thick, and you have some soreness and itching in your vaginal area, you may have yeast, a fungal infection. ...Keep your outer genital area  clean and dry. Wear light pads or panty liners to absorb the discharge, if the wetness makes you feel uncomfortable. Wear cotton underwear, which allows your skin to breathe.... Change your underwear often At least 2-3 times a day....Use unscented soap and water when washing your genital area....Wash your hands properly before and after touching your vagina.... Apply Yogurt or garlic paste or apple cider vinegar and rub it over the external parts of the vagina and rinse it. Eat a cup of yogurt a day will also help. Repeat the treatment for a week or until the fluids become normal. If don't feel comfortable, consult your gyno.
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Question: I have severe itching in my private parts... plz tell me some remedy or medicine for this problem..
Answer: Hello dear... Vaginal itching can happen due to yeast or bacterial infection to the skin of vulva, it is normal, home remedies for vaginal itching as follows... Drink more water Reduce salt content in food Add yogurt in your diet Apply coconut oil Always keep your vagina clean and dry
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Question: m having itching prblm in my prvt parts..they r turning into rings..WILL THIS EFFECT MY BABY ALSO???WHAT SHOULD I DO??
Answer: Please dont use liquids or medications without asking your doctor. Itching can be Because there's an increase in vaginal discharge during pregnancy, it can cause irritation of the skin of the vulva. So it could just be because of your discharge, or it could be a sign of an infection. Keep the area clean. Preferably wash with water and mild normal soap. Any kind of infection during pregnancy is bad for both mother and the baby. GEt a check up with your doctor and a skin specialist and make sure you mention the pregnancy time and if you have any other health issues. You can apply virgin coconut oil every day 4 times if the infection is fungal
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Question: Hi mam,,,,, Immediately aftr hv breakfast, i feel like vry lazy, i wil slp aftr hvng tfn, so dat i could nt wkup til 1 r 2, cnt evn opn my eys, feel vry much tied, need solution plz.
Answer: This is normal at this stage. U have to take adequate rest. If u don't want to sleep much go for a slight walk or do some mild activities
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