2 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Nuesea and vomiting sensation

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Answer: Did you already confirmed your pregnancy then congratulation. Vomiting and nausea is 8 of early weeks pregnancy. Complete about those foods that it and eat healthy diet. You can have a cup of Ginger lemon water after a way to avoid vomiting. If it is too much please confirm doctor for medication. Take care.
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Question: Any option to relax continue vomiting sensation .Its my 12 week?
Answer: Have doxinate tab twice in a day ... After your morning n night meal... It will help u for sure .... Same thing happens with me too...
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Question: Am feeling vomiting sensation while eating meal or anything...vomiting hot nahiy but sensation hotay vomiting cha...
Answer: I am also feeling same and I think it's normal to happen like this.bus avoid karo vo cheez khana jise dekh ke vomit sa lage
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Question: I am 31weeks pregnant I feel vomiting sensation to eat food . I am feeling vomiting sensation only from this week. Is it normal or shall I consult to doctor.
Answer: Normal to bolte hai sab..but jada problem hogi to dr se consult kar lijie
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