12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Nt scan not properly done bcoz of babys growth is it normal

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Question: My nt scan is done in week 13 .. measurement of nt scan it shows 2.5 is it normal . Plzz rply
Answer: Yes dear up to 2.8mm in 13th week is normal. Nothing to worry. Ideally the range is 1.1mm to 3mm .
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Question: NT Scan done today... it measures 1.10mm... is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear, It appears absolutely normal.the higher the NT scan the higher the risk of abnormalities.usually anything less than 1.3 mm is safe.
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Question: What is Nt scan ? When is nt scan done ? Is it necessary to done for everyone ?
Answer: Nt scan is also like ultrasound scan.it will help to find baby's abnormal chromosomal,heart.it will done by 11 to 14 weaks.it is necessary for everyone.
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Question: I have not done nt scan is it okay?
Answer: hi dear is it good take the NT scan because it will detect any chromosomal defects or abnormalities in the baby like down syndrome so it is good to take test and then confirm
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