17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: NT scan in 14 week is 3.4 is it normal

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Answer: NT 3.4mm? Actually normal says it should be less than 3 mm and in some countries 2.5 mm. If you have got result more than 3mm it doesn't mean baby is sick or if you have less than 3mm doesnt mean baby is healthy as its only test to see if there is high or low risk for any anomaly. You are supposed to do invasive test to know exactly as if baby healthy or not.
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Question: My nt scan is done in week 13 .. measurement of nt scan it shows 2.5 is it normal . Plzz rply
Answer: Yes dear up to 2.8mm in 13th week is normal. Nothing to worry. Ideally the range is 1.1mm to 3mm .
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Question: I have done NT scan in 14 weeks it shows nuchal translucency 2.3mm. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear,if it is below 3 then it's considered as normal..so don't worry..
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Question: My nt scan value came 3.4 mm.is it normal ?
Answer: Hello dear, your NT scan result is higher than normal. But don't Express right now , keep positive thinking. There is a risk of chromosomal abnormality in baby but to confirm Dr will ask you to take double Marker test. Hope everything will be alright.
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