3 months old baby

Question: nowadays my boy is not having milk at regular intervals as before. he is only interested in playing. if i am forcing him to my breast he looks the other side. how should i make him drink bm.

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Answer: hello dear may be your baby start teething. generally babies start teething in three months and baby refuse to drink milk.
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Question: My baby is of 7month. He is not taking cerlac. He only prefer bm. How can I feed him other foods. He is not interested in other foods. How much quantity can I give him
Answer: Babies are habitual of motherfeed so it can take some time for baby to accept any other food. If baby is not liking Cerelac then you can give moong daal , rice water, khichdi with liquid consistency , Ragi porridge etc. Quantity should be very less, just few scoops and you will have to understand this with your baby's behaviour , once baby will feel full she will herself stop eating more.
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Question: My baby is not having other milk at all and i have a low bm...how can i make him drink other milk
Answer: Hi Just fill milk in bottle and ask someone else to feed baby and you stay out of baby sight...so that initially though baby rejects or cries gradually baby start to accept...you dont feed bottle milk baby ll keep rejecting
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Question: My baby drink breast milk at one side only show ho train other side
Answer: Hi dear... don't worry...might be ur baby is having some discomfort or some pain in one side.. or might be u have less milk supply on one side... but it continues for long time then better u consult ur doctor
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