26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Now what I have to eat more, like yogurt, plz suggests, which is good for my baby

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Answer: You should have balance diet.. nothung like eat more. Everything in moderation is fine. 2 types of fruits 2-3 types of vegetables and salad. For calicum milk, paneer, cheese, tofu and diff kind of dals. Dryfruits..mix You should have food every 2 hrly. And eater intake is minimum 2 litter is must. Make a plan accordingly. Have peacefull sleep and happy mind.. yoha and meditation is best for that.
Answer: you should have a high protein rich diet like pulses egg chicken you should have more of milk and Milk products you should have maths have at least 4 servings of fruit in a day have green vegetables keep yourself when hydrated have at least 12 glasses of water. This will help .have food rich in carbs oats Ragi serials
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Answer: Home made yogurt is good for children health make at home without adding too much of the water it gives best result to eat and healthy
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Question: Which formula milk is good lactigen or Nan plz suggests?
Answer: Hi dear, Both are equally good.nan pro is used by many moms.but cost wise it is expensive.while lactogen is cost effective.
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Question: Hi which yogurt is good for pregnancy can I take yogurt In pregnancy
Answer: Yes dear. Yogurt is good and healthy addition to your diet. Homemade yoghurt is the best for you. Hope it helps.
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