23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Now only i tested TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone test. Now i am 23 week pregnant Results comes 7.33 mIU/mL Is it ok or any serious problem Please tell me

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Answer: Not serious but u should try to decrease our tsh below 5 points u should increase u r tablet mg & consult u r doctor before using tablet & use dont worry
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Question: My Thyroid stimulating Hormone results is 7.33. Is it ok mam plss tell me.
Answer: Hi Dear ..It is more than normal value .. In this case your dr. must have to give you a thyroid tablet which you have to take daily in morning(Without eating anything) through out pregnancy that will manage your thyroid level.. please consult with your dr. Take care
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Question: My Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) 4.44IU/mL.. it is any prbm?
Answer: Take thyroid medicine medicated by doctor. After then there is no problem
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Question: My tsh is 2.085 is it ok i am 5 week's pregnant thyroid stimulating hormone
Answer: hi dear ! so in the 1st trimester tsh should be less than 2.5
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