3 months old baby

Question: Now My baby in 3rd month when can I start bottle feeding

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Answer: Hello dear,you can start complimentary feeding after 6 months.if breast milk is not sufficient,you can opt formula milk. Try to use spoons for feeding, because bottle feeding with nipples is harmful to babies teeth and orofacial development.Try to give breast milk or formula milk up to 6 months,after that slowly introduce semisolid s and spoon feed them
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    Anonymous735 days ago


Answer: Hi dear, If your breast milk is not sufficient,you can introduce formula milk now.it can be fed through bottle now.there should not be any issue.
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    Jennifer Naveen735 days ago

    Thank you so much

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Answer: No untill 6 months you have to give only your milk, if your giving your milk(expresses milk) only in feeding bottle no issues
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Answer: Dear, you can start feeding with bottle after 6 month it's necessary for your baby to have your breast milk for 6 months
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