4 months old baby

Question: now my baby has 4 months.still i am using feeding pillow to give breast milk..is that good or not. because i didn't understand the feeding position..

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Question: I have stopped breast feeding because of medical condition my milk stopped by tablet now am alright Is there any option to give breast milk to my baby
Answer: Hello Dear, congratulations to the happy mother. Yes you can always start breastfeeding again but now you have to rebuild the milk supply process. For that 1st you have to have patience as it will take time and requires lot of effort and dedication. Please take plenty of water or any kind of fluids its very important. 2ndly you need to pump out the milk or feed your baby.. the more often you do it the more often it will be produced. Next is you need to make your baby re learn the process initially it will be tough but gradually with patience and dedication the baby will return to breastfeeding. Best of luck.
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Question: Hi my breast milk is not enough to my baby, he starts crying after sometime while feeding. If the milk is not enough why my breast start leaking milk when left for 3-4 hours. I am not able to understand whether I am getting enough milk or not, whether my baby is able to suck or not.
Answer: Hi dear.. Your milk is sufficient ,don't worry.. Check if the baby is able to latch..also sometimes baby need to be burped in between the feed and that is why they cry.... If your baby pees more than 6 times.. That means that the baby is getting sufficient milk... Hope this helps.
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Question: Does the position of breastfeeding effects the flow of breast milk. Because since past 4 hrs I am feeding my baby but still she is not full.
Answer: If ur baby didn't latch to ur breast it will be restless and make a fuss. If latched well baby will suck well and that will not be a reason for the flow to interrupt
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