34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Now m running my 8th month... Doc said that the baby fixed in head down position.. So i need to know whether the delivery will b earlier???

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Answer: No On the edd only
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Question: How will one cum to know that baby head is fixed now? As per my last usg baby head was down. Does that signify it is fixed also?
Answer: Baby is heading down but it is not fixed in scan.. wait for a while.. as delivery date is nearing baby will fix
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Question: hai.. i m now 33 weeks and when the baby will get head down position...how to recognize that baby is In head down position?
Answer: You'll feel his kicks at upper part of ur tummy. .. I feel the same as in my ultrasound my baby is in head down position.
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Question: How to know my baby position..doctor is saying that head position is fixed n it is towards down
Answer: Hi Dear! You can only understand or knw baby position through scans but Dr.s with their various experience can touch and feel the babg and is able to tell the position.. Hope this helps!
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