34 weeks pregnant mother

Now m running my 8th month... Doc said that the baby fixed in head down position.. So i need to know whether the delivery will b earlier???

No On the edd only
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Question: How will one cum to know that baby head is fixed now? As per my last usg baby head was down. Does that signify it is fixed also?
Answer: Baby is heading down but it is not fixed in scan.. wait for a while.. as delivery date is nearing baby will fix
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Question: hai.. i m now 33 weeks and when the baby will get head down position...how to recognize that baby is In head down position?
Answer: You'll feel his kicks at upper part of ur tummy. .. I feel the same as in my ultrasound my baby is in head down position.
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Question: How to know whether the baby is in head down position or not ?
Answer: if you politely push your belly above your navel n all his body move thn.he is in headdown postion
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