38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Now m in 37 weeks, but today my baby is not moving. What should I do

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Answer: Hi if you feel less movements then eat some sweet and lay down on left side for sometime you will feel movements and even if you feel about 10 to 12 movements in a day then it's normal and maintain a well balanced diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated it will help and if you feel less movements then consult doctor immediately
Answer: If the baby is not moving for more than 12 hours you have to report to your doctor and go for the examination.
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Question: Now m in 37 weeks but still my baby head is not came down what I have to do
Answer: Hey there is nothing to worry about that baby can change its possible anytime. Walk daily for 15-20 minutes and try to do squats slowly slowly this will help you 🙂
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Question: Hi mam today my baby is not moving .What should I do
Answer: Hello dear Do not worry about baby movement because as your baby is growing , you may start to feel that she's less active. The truth is that if she's healthy, she's moving as much as she did when she was smaller, but her movements feel different because she's all folded up and wedged in your uterus. Just have a glass of orange juice and sleep on ur left side, u will start feeling baby movement again.
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Question: I m 36 weeks pregnant. My baby is not moving today like other days. what may be the cause or what should I do ?
Answer: Taking cold milk or cold water and lye down for sometime,baby may move,wait for it ,babies sleep longer hours in womb u might not feel movement everytime,still keep note on movements
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