7 months old baby

Now its seven months after my delivery. After 5 months i got my first peroids after delivery. Then the next month it got 3 days late. But i didnt had my periods during last month. I having diabetes before delivery. I had normal delivery. If one month period misses something to worry. Also i am having some vaginal infection. Some white colored thick substances are coming out from vagina. Please help

Hllo dear if u don't get period last month first do pregnancy test if it's negative then nothing to worry abht .take precaution while sex .if u have vaginal infection consult to ur gyno nd take treatment .and don't worry abht period if ur pregnancy report s negative .
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Question: This is my fertile period.very thick light brown coloured discharge from my vagina. I had sex only next two days after my periods. Why this discharge?
Answer: Brown discharge is usually the discharge left from ur last period means the old period blood. N in pregnancy it happens because of hormonal imbalance .If it was just for once don't worry or else u may consult with your doctor.
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Question: I had a period on oct 8,this month i didnt get my period and thin vaginal discharge is coming is it the symptom of pregnancy
Answer: When your postpone more than 2 days then you can check using pregnancy kit. You will get the result
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Question: I had my delivery a month ago but still im having severe vaginal itching
Answer: Hi, consult doctor they prescribe you some medicines
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