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Question: Now im 4 month pregnancy have in relationship is good or bad

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Answer: You can but it is better to avoid as it may cause some problems in the future
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Question: Madam now am 16 week pregnant,now sexual relationship is good or bad please advise me.
Answer: Dear it is absolutely safe to have sex now if your pregnancy is not having any complications. Do make sure there is no pressure on your stomach while having sex., hope it helps.
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Question: This time sex relationship good or bad ?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy.Sex is not advisable in first trimester because it is the most sensitive period. Sex and travel are not advisable in first trimester. Later you can have only, If your pregnancy is not complicated and your doctor did not ask you to avoid sex, you can have sex. Position is also very important and always try to prefer side position, as it doesn't put any sort of pressure on your baby bump. Using condoms is also important.Please go through Healofy home page for tips, diet, recipes and many more these help a lot. Take care
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Question: Now im 2 month pregnancy have in relationship is good or bad
Answer: Hello dear. Intercourse is recommended only after the first trimester. However make sure you have no other pregnancy complications. Take care.
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