20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Now iam fifth month pregnent shall i travell long distances

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Answer: Hi dear, yes u can but if it long journey u can have a break journey don't exert much have ur foot little elevated while traveling . Avoid sudden jerks and brakes .
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    Laxmi Sandhya1067 days ago

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Question: Is long distances journey is safe in 4th month
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,you can travel for that many hours ,provided you have no pregnancy related complications.also,if someone can accompany you would be better.maintain hygiene and always carry sanitizer.donot eat out.carry home cooked food and snacks.redrict your use of public toilets,try using stand and pee product to avoid urinary tract infection.keep yourself well hydrated.carry your meds if any.and also carry your prescription and scans with you in case of emergency.
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Question: I m 24 months pregnent. Can i travell long distance
Answer: Dear if by long distance travel you mean train or flight then yes you can travel if ur pregnancy is not having any complication. However if it is car travel please consult ur gynae as she needs to tell if it is advisable and safe for u to travel by car during oreganncy as she knows ur pregnancy better. Hope it helps.
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Question: Iam 4 mths pregnant can i travel long distances in car or byke
Answer: HI . its fine to travel by by car or bike . But make sure you dont get jerks and keep your self comfortable and ones a while is fine but travelling on regular basis is not good . Leep yourself well hydrated while travelling carry some snacks and keep your position right.
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