Question: now iam 3 complicated 4 in 3 months I just get little bleed I contact to doctor nd immediate took s treatment but still brownish bleed drop drop going wen I went to rest room but I scan nd check baby growth nd heart beat was good is any problem will get to me in dis brown bleed

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Answer: Increased vaginal or brown discharge is a normal part of pregnancy but its important to keep an eye on it and tell ur dr its smell looks unusual or if u have any pain, itching or soreness in the vaginal area. You may have infection.
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Question: Today morning when I went to rest room i noticed a slight bleeding on my panty in dark brown is there any problem i have little pain in stomach.when I went to scan in that they notice a hommorage(bleed)
Answer: No problem ...I had heammorage durring First pregnancy ..I bleed till 4 th month ... And I have a healthy baby
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Question: I went for second ultrasound. In first heart beat was 104.but today it didn't get detected. Doc is saying for abortion. What should I do?
Answer: repeat sonography in another center..immediately..if still cant detect abortion...may b u will hear heart beat
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Question: Hi I am 8week 1day pregnant but scan shows 5wk 6days growth and didn't get heart beat... Dr suggested to wait for 10 days....I am so afraid because 6months before I had DNC as my baby didn't get heart beat....nd I am so confused is it normal that baby growth is less than expected?? Last time also growth is less...
Answer: Don't worry dear ....Think positively ...Next scan u will surely get ur baby's heart beat
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