17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Now I have put cervical stich and first I have take bmf aspirin duphastron and this time Dr write mumfer_XT milical_OD3 tab fol 123 Duvadilan retard 40 mg cap and weekly injection proluton should I take these whole medicine or I want to avoid any

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Answer: Dear all these medications are important for you because few of them are antibiotics which will help heal the stitches fast and also will prevent any complications so please don't take risk and take the medicines on time strictly as prescribed by the doctor..also take complete bed rest to avoid any complication..
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Question: Hi I'm 24wks pregnant now in getting problem of pain less vaginal bleeding from.suggest mind take tab ethamsylate And tab duvadilan retard 40 mg is it safe for me and my baby????
Answer: Dear both the medicines are absolutely safe to have in pregnancy and are for the complications faced during pregnancy. So they keep your baby safe in there. It has been asvised by your gynae so please do not be worried at all and take them it is for the better health of you and your baby. Hope it helps.
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Question: My weight is 100kg at my 29th weeks..i have chronic hypertension and now on 100mg lobet twice daily..now my placenta becomes grade 2..doctor suggested to take tab ecosprine 75mg and arginex daily..and tab duvadilan rtd 40mg BD and tab dufastone 10 mg at night..can i take it.??is it necessary??i dont want to take any medicine unnecessarily
Answer: hi dear! all these medicine are necessary for you to take dear. as duvadilan retard will help you prolong the pregnancy as there can be a chance for late pregnancy problem due to the chronic hypertension . and tablet duphaston is given to support the pregnancy and ecosprin is for blood thinnner and the placenta is getting old and we are giving tablets so that the blood flow is good enough . and arginex is so that the baby is growing better and the amniotic fluid is maintained. so do take them all as everything is necessary. take care.
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Question: Respected doctor, here I have one problem today I went to hospital for consult the ganicdoctor and she advice me tab lobetalol 100mg and aspirin 75 mg.. It's is safe to take aspirin tab...
Answer: Hi, aspirin in low doses can be taken if advised by your doctor.labetolol is generally prescribed to reduce hypertension in pregnancy
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