10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Now i am 9 weeks pregnant.... Wear to mehendi in my hand .. is it safe???

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Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can. It depends which type of henna you use. You will need to be sure that your chosen product is safe, particularly if you're applying henna as a skin dye in pregnancy. Natural henna, derived solely from the plant, and with no added chemicals, is safe to use on your hair or on your skin. Take care.
Answer: Natural mehendi is totally safe ....if its a ready-made make sure if it is a good brand or not.but wearing mehendi ia safe at all.Good luck
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Question: Is it safe to put mehendi on hand? Generally use Mehendi cone available in market.
Answer: Hello dear,  pure henna (mehendi) that contains no chemicals is safe during pregnancy. Don't use market based cone, prepare by ownself. Hope it helped Take care urself...
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Question: Is it safe to apply mehendi on hand during pregnancy.
Answer: Hi Ya its safe if its natural mehandi but do not apply frequently as it ll cool nerves and causes cold or body ache also make sure not to apply artificial mehandi made of dyes for colours as its not safe for fetus also in pregnancy your skin ll be too sensitive..take care
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Question: Can i put mehendi on my hand is it safe in pregnancy
Answer: Mehandi is a chemical product... That s nt safe for hand in pregnancy period i think.. Plz avoid it..
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