Few days old baby

Question: Now I am 39 weeks. Now baby kick is less but I feel my baby in left side with small swellings of limbs.. It lasts for few seconds. Can it be considered as baby movements... Pls rep

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Answer: Hi dear.. As your deliver date is near baby's movement will be less normally. No need to worry. Take good rest and healthy diet.. Avoid long hours of walking since you need stamina for normal delivery. Good luck
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Question: i feel cramps suddenly for few seconds near left side of my waist..is it normal.?
Answer: yes its normal in pregnancy. apply hot water bottle.
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Question: I'm 21 weeks pregnant. sometimes i feel some pushes in urinary tract much like a gas. it doesn't pain and lasts for few seconds. I'm little worried whether it could be urinary infection. any suggestions pls what it could be?
Answer: are you feeling pressure on bladder or some bubbles kinda thing?
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Question: Iam 15 weeks and 3days preg now.when the first kick experiences?? I have already experienced some movements for a few seconds..pls reply me..
Answer: You may experience first kick between 20 to 23rd weeks.
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Question: I am 21 weeks pregnant. I can feel my baby movements now but I can feel it only on my left side. Is this normal to feel your baby movements only on one side.
Answer: Baby is still very small so does not move the entire uterus.... its feet and hands are too small to reach on the other side... as the baby grows you will feel it all over
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