33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: now i am 8 th months pregnet can i eat watermelon

4 Answers
Answer: Yes it is good for health. Only u have to ignore papaya and pineapple
Answer: s u eat watermelon
Answer: Yes u can eat...
Answer: Yes u can
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Question: Can i eat watermelon during pregnancy?? I am 4 months
Answer: Hi.. Dear Yes you can have watermelon, it eases heartburn and reduces swelling, the high water content and fruit sugars can help it alleviate morning sickness and dehydration..
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Question: Can I eat watermelon now 8 week
Answer: watermelon is very good during pregnancy dear.. It supplies energy to baby and you.. Helpfull in digestion ..gives comfort from constipation, it's good for immunity booster, prevent anemia, it's avoids fetal abnormalities, fesilitate healthy teeth and bone formation. Helps in prevent obesity.. Relaxation from acidity.. If you are allergic to it don't eat.. Otherwise you definitely eat watermelon .careful about the quantity and quality..
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Question: Now 8 week can I eat watermelon
Answer: Yes u can...its ok to eat watermelons...it will help u to add fluid intake as the need is increasingly tremendously with the summer heat..
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