6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Now I am 5wk pregnant. Bt my baby is not developing? I have 3virus rubella, herpes, cmv igg? What can I do?

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Answer: Hi dear in this case u should stay in touch with ur doctoe. Doctor may wait till 8 to 10 week to see any improvement in ur baby growth. If there then they may contiNue ur pregnancy.
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Question: If rubella igg and cmv igg value is positive and rubella igm ,cmv igm is negative..so can it affect the baby?
Answer: Usually igg does not have any effect on the baby but still when u go for NT scan, pls inform your radiologist about TORCH reports. Radiologist will chk and confirm about any effect of TORCH on the baby. Additionally start taking Torchnil medicine for 3 months. it's an ayurvedic medicine
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Question: I have high cmv igg and rubella igg values in my recent 8 weeks blood tests. What does it mean?
Answer: It means u had past infection for these virus, and igg suggests that you have antibodies for these viruses in your body. It has now no any effect .it suggests past infection. Igm means new or recent infection
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Question: In my TORCH test rubella IgG , cytomegalovirus IgG and herpes IgG is positive.is it harmful for my baby?
Answer: Hello dear Hi this can be allergy. You need to see doctor asap. Never have any medication without doctors concent they can be harm ful.
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