8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Now am 6 week pregnant..i cannot eat food.i hate food..but i like to eat fruits etc..i have nuesea problm..what i will do to these food hating prblms..

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Answer: Hi eat what you want..no need to take tension during this time..please have small quatity food in regular interval.
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Question: M 9 week and 6 days pregnent...but still i dont want to eat anything...just like i hate food..so what should i do??
Answer: Hi Dear! Its common in the first trimester which gets better in second.. Eating a bland toast on empty stomach first thing in the morning wil help you a lot.. I had bad nausea over my first trimester and half of my second trimester. Things that worked for me: 1) Having a snack immediately upon waking up. Like even before you get out of bed to brush your teeth. It helped me a lot. 2) Those lovely imli (tamarind) candy. 3) Oranges 4) I also had to be prescribed a pregnancy-safe medicine for really bad bouts of nausea. Do talk to your doctor. Hope you feel better soon & Take care.
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Question: I am 6 week pregnant.....witch fruits to eat now
Answer: Hello dear... fruits are rich source of energy,you can have apple,pears,guava, pomogranate,chikoo,grapes, they contain lot of fibre, minerals and vitamins, which is needed during pregnancy,you can eat dryfruits at anytime as snacks but the best time to eat dryfruits is early in the morning,soak them overnight and have it,but have it in moderation because they has high calorie content than the fresh one,having nuts and dryfruits in pregnancy is very essential because they promote lot of health benefits to you and your baby,it also componsate the nutritional needed for pregnancy,regular intake of dryfruits will relieve you from Anemia and constipation
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Question: I'm hating to eat veggies. I drink one glass of milk everyday. But I'm hating veggies. What do I do??
Answer: Have fruits, whatever u feel like.. Try making veggies in different forms... Try making boiled Chana chaat etc.. But keep eating as you need your energy... Try to avoid eating too much junk food
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