30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Now am taking spectrofer at morning n calonut d3 at night is it k ?

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Question: Hi I am 10 weeks pragnent now. I am a diabetic patient. Now taking insulin a tv dose of 26 in the morning and 22 at night.
Answer: dear your question is well understood but please help me with your counts how much is your fasting blood sugar and post prandial blood suagr levels. insulin will be given if your hb1ac test reports are always a poor control mark and if the post prandial shoots more than 190. you need to take the advised dose and test your sugar levels one a month or twice preferably in lab for accurate results. have limitations in diet aswell to help body stablize. take care.
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Question: Now am 5th week, am taking ultra D3, ultra Co Q, enex plus. Is it safe to my baby?
Answer: Hi Dear! These r pre natal meds which your Dr. has prescribed fr Vit D, Omega 3 fatty acid and anti preeclemsia meducines all r safe dont worry.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am taking shell calcium at morning and folic acid at night but some people are taking fokic acid at night
Answer: Hi dear, It is fine ,as long as you are taking it daily.just remember,calcium and iron should never be taken together.
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