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Question: Now am 5mnths pregnant.. from my 3rd mnth am not getting sleep in noon nd also nyt... What would be the reasin

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Answer: Hi, as there are hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy keep problems, mood problems and anxiety problems are commonly seen. You can read a book which help you to sleep You can listen to soft music which will put you to sleep. Make sure that your room had comfortable temp, it is dark and quiet which will make you feel drowsy. Take a warm water bath bed going to bed. Tell your partner to rub your feet which will help you relax I hope these tips will help you solve your problem. Take care dear
Answer: Hello dear.. During pregnancy,due to harmonal changes, bulging uterus,you may not get enough sleep,try these steps,hope it helps you.. Drink warm milk,before bed,it will promote you a good sleep Take bath with warm water,before bed,so that you will have an peaceful sleep After dinner,make a habit of walking 15 min, regularly During bed time,listen to good music,or read good books,it will make your mind relaxed and promotes good sleep..
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Question: Abdominal pain in middle like gastric what would be the cause.I am 13 weeks pregnant also.
Answer: Hi! Since you have just completed the first trimester it is common. Welcome to the first phase of parenthood! Keep something to eat besides bed while sleeping at night. First thing in the morning instead of getting up(sitting) put something in mouth and chew properly for a minute or so (lying on bed itself) and then get up and sit ..it helps a lot in settling down acidity and gastritis. *Cold milk without sugar.. 2 3 sips after every hour, vanilla icecream. *I had major acidity during pregnancy. Dont have spicy food, have small frequent meals, and Chilled milk in small sips, eat saunf after meals help alot, avoid canned juices, have coconut water, chewing gum can give temporary relief, you should have dinner early at least 1.5-2 hours before sleep can drink a glass of cold milk before sleeping. Dont worry it will get better in 2nd trimester. Good luck!
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Question: What would be my delivery date nd which mnth??
Answer: Hi! Your delivery date needs to be calculated on your LMP. The total tenure of pregnancy is considered to be 280 days. You can add this to your LMP to get the due date. Each month has 4.3 weeks so adding it will give you your exact week . For example; If your LMP is 7th July and today is Aug 15, how will you calculate your week? 7 July to 7 Aug=1 months i.e 4.3 weeks 8 July to 15 Aug=1.1 week. Adding both will give you your exact week; 4.3+1.1=5.4, that means your 6 week is running. Now you can calculate it yourself :). Good luck!
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Question: Hello! am 19 weeks pregnant now. my problem is am not getting sleep in the night and day time also, please tell me the solution.
Answer: Hello... Dear in pregnancy, due to harmonal changes, bulging uterus, you may not get enough sleep, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Have warm milk before bed Take shower before sleep Listen to soft music Walk for ten minutes after dinner
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