26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Now am 27week pregnant can i participate in sex

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Answer: Hi dear, Sex during pregnancy is quite safe provided you have no pregnancy related complications.tou need to be comfortable and try poses that are easy on you.donot experiment with various sex postures.missionary and women on top are easy and safe.husband must use condome as precaution,to aviod getting any infection.
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Question: Now iam 8th mnth pregnancy can i participate in sex
Answer: Hi dear, You can have sex till when you are comfortable.though having sex in your later stages of pregnancy could get uncomfortable due to bigger tummy,but if you feel like you can have it.make sure you donot have any pregnancy related complications.last weeks of pregnancy,having sex could give you natural labor pain.
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Question: Hii I am 8 weeks pregnant we can participate in sex????? Pls tell I am dout
Answer: Hello dear, of course you can have sex during pregnancy.. there is nothing to worry about... It will in no way harm your baby... However, if your doctor has advised you to not have sex due to some medical condition then it's better to avoid it....take care dear..
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Question: Now can I participate in sex
Answer: Hi as sex during pregnancy is to be avoided as it causes contractions and also irritates the cervix and may cause bleeding and also causes complications in pregnancy so it is better to avoid sex during pregnancy take care
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