33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hiiii..now am 8th month i got sugar level 320..i admitted in hospital for 5 days they advised me to put tablet glygomet 500mg for 3 times a day..till baby birth doctor adviced me to put tablet 3 times a day..it will my baby i was very afraid at this moment

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Answer: hi dear! your sugar levels are very high dear. dont worry glycomet will help you and you will be under constant sugar monitoring dear. dont worry just ofcourse you must be getting food directly from the hospital but make sure you have zero intake on sugar. you wont be able to take gud(jaggery) or honey either. dont worry everything will be fine dear and getting hospitalised is better . dont worry your baby is monitored and there wont be any problem . your treatment is going good. take care dear.
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    Yamini Baskar61 days ago

    Thank you doctor

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Question: I am put on insulin for 3 months till delivery as my sugar level was 145 to 170 after lunch. Fasting was always less than 95
Answer: Hi! When your blood sugar level is not controlled by oral medicines, diet or physical activity, and pregnancy increases insulin resistance its important to start insulin. So if you hv taken it with your Doctors advice no harm. Good luck!
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Question: Im in 7th week of my pregnancy. My Sugar level is 200. Doctor is advised to take insulin injections for 3 time in a day and to continue till 10 month, is it right? Can u suggest it.
Answer: Hello, Your sugar levels are very high. It is good for you and your baby if you start taking Insulin injections. Avoiding Insulin can result in kid being overweight, breathing disorder and slow development. The sugar levels during pregnancy should be around 80 for Fasting and 120-130 for Post Lunch/Dinner. "Insuman" was suggested by my Dr during pregnancy. However, after delivering baby, no insluin was required.
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Question: I am 33 weeks pregnant.My blood sugar level is normal yet my doctor has advised me to take insulin injections 3 times a day.if my sugar is normal then is it safe to take those injections ??
Answer: There must be some medical reason why your doctor has asked you to do so. So it's advisable to do the same as your doctor said.
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