5 months old baby

Question: Now a days my baby's tounge

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Answer: Is black . Wht is the reason ? Pls suggest
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Question: My baby's tounge appers to be black since couple of days... What could be the reason?
Answer: Hello dear It might be fungal infection. It is caused by an overgrowth of normal yeast. There is nothing to worry as it will go away. The best option is to get some oral thrush treatment from ur doctor and apply as directed.
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Question: Dear all, my baby's tounge looks black..although he is taking HEMSI(iron). What cloud be the reason
Answer: Aybe it's becuse of the iron tab. Give baby plenty of water. It will reduce the colour
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Question: How to clean 6month baby's tounge from getting black
Answer: wash your hands and fingers clean with soap and water. Make sure your nails are trimmed and cut to ensure no rough edges will hurt your baby’s mouth area.​ Take a piece of gauze or a soft, clean washcloth and dip it in warm water. Pour a few drops of water on your arm before using it to make sure the water’s not too hot and that it won’t irritate your baby’s tongue and mouth. Now wrap the piece of gauze around your index finger. Urge your baby to open their mouth by gently lowering the lower lip while you cradle them. Rub the gauze-wrapped finger very gently over your baby’s tongue in circular movements to clean it
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