10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Not feeling like pregnant from 2 days. I'm normal.. why it may be?

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Answer: Hello! The reason might be because your first trimester is coming to an end. Some women stop feeling the symptoms. However, it is better to once consult your doctor also
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Question: I'm 19 week 3 days pregnant from 4 days I'm not feeling baby movements like before 10 days
Answer: Dear I would suggest do not worry for now. You have felt the baby movement too early as usually baby movement are felt quite late in pregnancy so do not panick for now. Usually doctor tell to focus on baby movement after 28 weeks. Hope it helps.
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Question: Feeling like tired all the time from 2 days...why?
Answer: Its normal in the 38th week but you should remqin active as it is good for a vaginal delivery and also for the child
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Question: From last day I'm feeling very light like I'm not pregnant is it Normal im 8 weak pregnant
Answer: Your baby is too small for you to be feeling anything that early...hang on until you get very uncomfortable like me...I'm 37weeks pregnant and I can barely walk ..sit stand or even lie down...enjoy your pregnancy!!!
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