23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: not feeling baby movements daily.. is it ok or anything serious.

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Answer: Yes its ok. In starting we do not feel regular movements. Regular and strong movements will start by the end of 2nd trimester.
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Question: My 6th month is going on and today i am not feeling baby movements. Anything serious?pls give answer
Answer: Hello, Dear babies also have lazy and active days. Sometimes in lazy days the movement of baby gets unnoticed. Just eat , drink something you will get baby movement or just lie down for 1 hour and then feel baby will move. If baby didn't move even after that then please consult with your doctor..
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Question: Hi mam am 14 weeks pregnant now am getting lower back pain daily is it ok or anything serious ??
Answer: From.our experience and what we have read ,Lower back.pain do happen for women during first and second trimester. It is ok unless it is continous for many days and you don't have any bleeding. Would still recommend to talk to your gynaecologist.
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Question: I have completed 20 weeks of pregnancy. I donot feel any movements till now. Is it ok or anything serious?
Answer: You are going to feel it soon before 25 weeks.. don't worry
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