1 months old baby

Question: aftr norml delivry humein kitni der baad bra use krni chahiye ta ki feed ko effct na ho

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Answer: Hello dearThe swelling will go down after about 2 weeks and your breasts will stay about that size as long as you are nursing. It is very important that you take good care of your breasts. Breast care includes wearing a good support bra and keeping your breasts clean and free from infection and skin problems. The most comfortable support bra is one that lifts the breasts upward and inward.. . Wear bras with wide straps that don’t stretch—these distribute the weight better and won’t cut into your shoulders.
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    D B1208 days ago

    Plz tell which company bra we can use

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    Sangeeta Kul1208 days ago

    There are many options in the market. you may go for nursing/maternity bras from better brands like Jockey and others

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Question: Meri beti 2.5 month ki h ..raat ko kitni der baad feed daini chahiye
Answer: It's on demand dear don't bound tym.Breastfeeding provides comfort, contentment, and relaxation to babies. Breastfeeding can also calm and reassure them as they have just come and this world is new to them . So this basically comfort feed that baby is doing. Nothing comforts a baby like the feel of their mother's skin, the smell of her, the sound of her voice and heartbeat... all these things are what comfort nursing automatically provides.
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Question: Baby ko kitni der feed krana chahiye?
Answer: New born baby ke birth ke baad babies kam se kam 8 se 10 baar feed lein chahiye matlab har 2 ghante baad kam se kam 30ml milk dena chahiye for jaise jaise baby grow karta hai feed ki zyada hone lagta hai aur time kam jaise jab baby 3 months ka hota hai toh 3-4ghante baad feed krana chahiye aur milk around 60-90ml de sakte hain.
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Question: Ek bar me baby ko kitni der feed krwana chahiye
Answer: Hi baby ko on demand feed karao and approximately gap of 3-4 hours .
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