38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: normal delivery ke liye best exercise konsa hai....

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Answer: Hii plz follow below steps to get normal delivery in pregnancy .Below are some useful pointers that you can look at to ease the feeling of discomfort in ninth month of pregnancy care 1. Have A Dip: You can head to the nearest swimming pool to enjoy a dip especially during summers.The feeling of weightlessness will help you relax.Swimming is also an excellent workout to prep your body for the labor. 2. Warm Baths:You will find great relief in taking warm showers during this time. 3. Kegel Exercises:Despite the approaching deadline, continue to do your Kegel exercises. You will have an advantage during labor with stronger pelvis muscles. 4. Quality Time with Family:Spend some quality time with family before the big day. Soak in the excitement and joy that surrounds you. 5. Have A Positive Mind:It is vital to carry a positive and happy mind before delivery. 6. Books, Friends, Movies:Catch up on movies, hang out with friends, read a book – do all that you want to do now.You will not get any time for yourself later on after the arrival of your baby.Indulge in some self-pampering; get a sallon treatment and spa. 7. Tackle Older Children:If this is your second pregnancy and you have older children, prep them up about what is about to happen. 8. Arrangements For Your Baby:Make sure you keep your hospital bag ready as well.This should contain both your and baby’s essentials during the hospital stay. Toiletries, set of clothes, towels, baby essentials etc., should be kept in the bag. 9. Labor and Childbirth:Read up on the process of labor and childbirth despite having a pre-existing knowledge. 10. Sex During Pregnancy:Sex is absolutely okay in a normal pregnancy as long as there is no pressure applied on your womb. Furthermore, sex also triggers the required contractions in the last two weeks when you are ready to deliver.If you have any special conditions like high blood pressure, HIV or other medical complications, speak to your doctor to understand what is appropriate. 11. Sleep and Sitting Posture:Continue to sleep on the left side till the last week of delivery. I sincerely hope it helps. All the best.
Answer: Hi dear the best we heard from our oldies that is do cleaning in Indian style like beth kr pocha lgao ...if ur doc suggest n u don't have any complications....all the best
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